Lola Daels

It’s not what it used to be (Objects vs. Things, Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp) Photo by Tomas Uyttendaele
Soapstone (Tehran) Photo by Stijn Vanwing
Le Vrai Fake II (Gluon Brussels) Photo by Silvia Cappellari

Lola Prima Donna Daels (°1990) is a Brussels based artist. Daels mostly creates site specific art, which derives from long processes of research, testing and feeling. While searching to create tension with the context, her work can take any shape and place that it needs. From every place that she visites, she collects objects. She reshapes them and integrates them into new contexts. Doing so, she poses analytical and critical inquiries about ecological, environmental and socio-political issues from it’s surrounding reality.

As she started leaving the museal context, her interest in urban complexities led to the collaboration with architect Sebastiaan Willemen, with who she founded chépas collective. Inspired by marginal spaces they create interven- tions and performances in public space as well as in white cubes. Their work balances between poetry and criticism, rationalism and humour, activism and art, between now and the future.

Text by Sebastiaan Willemen

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