Leonhard Munch

Installation view „Always Coming Home“ with Marie Schoberleitner, 2022
Shortfilm „süffige Erde : : gebrochener Berg“ (tasty earth : : broken mountain), 2021
Shortfilm „Justicia – With her Nose Cropped and the Hands Chopped “, 2020

I’m a visual artist from Vienna, live in Brussels and my paths also take me to Zurich frequently. Urban coexistence, concepts of home and the instrumentalisation of landscape are complex structures that I question in my work, with regard to their conditions. I focus my gaze on the topographical ripples we create in our daily collisions in the front and back yards of our society. A human-animal-site interaction is usually the starting point of my projects, which in recent years have increasingly found expression in short films and (video) installations. In my upcoming projects I will work with performance and develop mixed forms that combine scripted play on stage with video material and public space. The focus of these reflections will be on mobility, migration, resilience, colonial leftovers and old/new alliances of social bodies.

Emma-van der Put-1 Eitan Efrat and Sirah Foighel Brutmann 01 Jolien-Naeyaert-1 Inês Neto dos Santos - Walk&Talk 2019 - photo by Sara Pinheiro Evelien-Cammaert-1 IMG_4126_1 MarcoLampis1 Bas Blaasse 1 Kevin Gallagher _ 2 Elies-Vaer-1 Colonial Lives Francesca_Grilli_AmericanAcademyRome_01 Aline_Forçain_LolaPertsowsky_1 21 SECOLO marcella desespiègles-1 sabrina-seifried-DK-benjakon-2 Doris_Boerman_1 Chloe_malcotti_image_1 Ingo-Brosch-1O-Young-Kwon-1JPG 1-sideline Bieke_Buckinx_1.png dirk-reimes-1 IMG_4406 lola-daels-1 arts-et-marges 0Z2A7379 Batsheva_Ross_1.jpeg Anouchka_Oler_Clement-Harpillard_1 Rachel Bacon 1 Natasja-Mabesoone-1 Perri MacKenzie_01 antoniabrown1 Claudio - Panto- @StokkStudio @AndriSoren - 1 Bianca Baldi_Sebastiano_Pellion_di_Persano Joachim-Robbrecht-License-Isolde-Woudstra-1.jpeg Cathrina-Lee-1 1.two figures Sophia-Holst-1 Paoletta-Holst-1 Veerle_Melis_1 dries-segers-1 Bas-vandenHout-1 anne philippe 1 Delphine-Deguislage-Michael_De_Lausnay-1 DSCF9140 Logo-TMBR doris-hardeman-1 Karolien Chromiak 1 Olaf Winkler - 1 Intersections of Care_1 yvan-rochette)-light-component-1 Bartosz_Gorka_Free_Gestures_1 Leonhard-Münch-1 David_Bernstein_1 Maud_Gourdon_credit_Chantal_van_rijt_1