Kevin Gallagher

Kevin Gallagher _ 2
Kevin Gallagher Corn, Personified 2020 Epoxy clay, acrylic paint, wire, insulation foam photo courtesy Fabrice Schneider
Kevin Gallagher _ 3
Kevin Gallagher Untitled 2019 Fabric, thread, canned food, AA batteries, glue, epoxy clay, acrylic paint, wire photo courtesy Lola Pertsowsky
Kevin Gallagher _ Emile Rubino _ 1
Kevin Gallagher and Emile Rubino Figuration 2020 C-Print

I am interested in the rituals we employ in order to manage and create spaces and systems, and how we self-preserve through preserving the things around us. I make works that talk about the body and its habitat: the conditions of being, for being. For me these conditions or boundaries are always physical, virtual, administrative and contested. I ask myself how can ideas of care, management or affect be extended or imbued into a sculptural form? In this way the works are always somehow figurative.

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