Karolien Chromiak

Karolien Chromiak 1
Karolien Chromiak, V O I D, 2020, installation shot (detail) Installation consisting out of an artificial sun, a soundscape, a black lake, black stones, orange strings of yarn, the smell of a faraway landscape, the hotness of the sun
Karolien Chromiak 2
Karolien Chromiak, qp ||, 2020, digital triptych .a two-dimensional image_(becomes)_a moving image. .a moving image_(becomes)_a sculpture. .a digital triptych
Karolien Chromiak 3
Karolien Chromiak, sketch for home, 2020, digital scan __to glitch the home to heal__ a real-life shelter with a digital skin

Karolien Chromiak (°1989) is a Brussels based visual artist that explores the connection between the digital and the natural. Her multimedia practice often takes the form of mixed media installations in which natural objects and digital images form a strange, fictional environment. Focussing on unusual ways to either apply technology or imbed materials, she opens up a space for non-dominant ways of creating.

Since her graduation at Sint Lucas Antwerp in 2012 and the University of Antwerp in 2014 her work was shown at, amongst others, SMAK Ghent (BE), MHKA Antwerp (BE), Rundum Art Space, Tallinn (EE), Tique artspace (BE), WiE Kultur Berlin (DE), Art Rotterdam (NL), Decoratelier (BE), Villa Fleming, Beirut (LB), Crosley Gallery, Florida (VS), Pilar Brussels (BE). She was selected by an international jury to participate in the first edition of STRT Kit Residency and was the co-founder of LIIIm³ artspace in Antwerp. She is supported by the Flemish government and is currently a member of Level Five, an artistic ecology in Brussels, Belgium. She is a member of Saloon Brussels, an international network of women working in the art scenes of Berlin, Barcelona, Brussels, Dresden Hamburg, London, Paris, Prague, Tel Aviv and Vienna as curators, artists or journalists. This non-profit initiative aims to increase visibility of women active in the art scene, encouraging encounters and collaborations. She is also a member of Engagement Arts, an artist-led movement tackling sexual harassment, sexism and abuse of power in the Belgian arts field.

“I mainly work with the techniques of glitching and gathering. Being trained as an audiovisual artist I mostly used technology to create images: a camera, a scanner, a printer, a program. When working with technology, errors can occur. These glitches we try to avoid, they are an obstacle towards our goal. I however feel that the potential of these glitches is enormous. I am curious to see what happens when we look at these errors, these glitches, and consider them to be of value instead. What happens when we scan not a page in a book, but when we scan a tree? What happens when we take a poem, written to be published on paper, and we make into a digital image? The possibilities are endless. This technique of glitching I combine with the technique of gathering. Gathering objects when walking in the urban nature, gathering screenshots when walking around the web, gathering people and talk, share a drink and share insights and knowledge. These two techniques are the basis for my very layered, multimedia practice.”

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