Ingo Brosch

Portrait of me ? Who am I ? Credit O-Young Kwon 2016
Urge Oil on canvas 150. x 100 cm 2020

Who am I ?

I was born and raised im Germany and moved to Brussels with my husband in 2017. For 30 years I am working as an actor and singer for theatre and TV / Film . A great place for my biggest passion : telling stories . Mostly in a team with other creative people where we rehearse and work together. Level 5 is my artistic home since September 2020 for my second work : painting. Here I am confronted with telling that story all by myself .

So how did I get into Painting ?

Growing up in Germany I had to choose between music or art . Since I grew up in a very musically family with lots of singing and piano playing there was no doubt I was choosing music , I was always being totally frustrated in art class because it never looked the way I wanted it to be , I thought I just don’t have a talent for painting or drawing. I forgot about it and studied acting in singing in New York and Hamburg from 1989-1993 an became an actor .

After some years playing at several repertory theaters something funny happened. One evening while waiting in my dressing room backstage for my next scene , I sat in front of my mirror - there was a pencil and a piece of paper - I started drawing my eye without thinking about it and lost the sense of time . So I had to run not to be late for my next scene on stage . After I finished that performance one of my colleague back in the dressing room asked who draw Ingos´ eye. Wow , thats really good. - I was surprised, I didn’t understand .
Years later I read Betty Edwards Drawing on the Right side of the Brain and I became fascinated. Whenever I had free time next to my theatre of filming work , I studied drawing and later on painting as well. In Hamburg I studied drawing with Peter Schneider, painting with Sybille Kreynhop Kunstschule and later on in Cologne at the Kölner Malschule.

What am I doing here at Level 5 ?

During the Corona pandamic I was looking for an atelier to paint and work since my theatre contracts all got cancelled and I found Level 5.
Right now I am working on topics which had and still have an immense impact on me in 2020 .

        ‚Loss’          ‚Urge‘          ‚Longing‘ . 

My favorite medium for painting is oil and acrylic . Next to painting I love sewing, knitting and crocheting , which I learned from my grandmother. All of my work, let it be acting , singing , painting or sewing , is my own personal way of telling stories . Sometimes stories of others , sometimes my own stories.
To books that inspired me choosing my way to become a storyteller .

Ferdinand by Leonni Leo Eine blassblaue Frauenschrift by Franz Werfel

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