Dries Segers

Soloshow, ‘No road to Hotel Bellevue’, 2020, DMW Gallery, Antwerp (B). No Road to Hotel Bellevue is a total installation of a natural world in which all artworks are interwoven as organisms until they can no longer be disentangled. This coming together originates in the in-between space, the speculative space.
FUNGI, 2019, Installation at POPPOSITIONS critical art-fair Brussels (B). This installation involves prints that will appear and disappear according to the room temperature. Two heating systems are installed to provide change. By timing the heaters will go on and off. The viewer is not able to control what he sees.
Duoshow with Suzanna Zak, ‘Our companion, our other’, 2020, VITRINE, Vogesenplatz, Basel (CH). Border trees are planted at strategic locations in the landscape. They make visible certain transitions of national, community and property borders. Multiple administrations monitor the conservation of these trees. Governments are obliged to replant and protect them.

Dries Segers (°1990) is a photographer, storyteller and plant bender. Segers works with various media and print-techniques. His work is centered around photographic materialization with a focus on the non-human and invisibles in times of an ecological meltdown. Segers works with the history of photography by activating the use of specific techniques and attitudes. This results in plant based prints, camera-less and extreme close-up photography. His latest project Hotel Bellevue focusses on border trees and a Celtic use of a landscape.

Dries Segers has been shown in solo and group shows, including KUNST HAUS (Vienna, Austria), Vitrine Gallery (Basel, Switzerland), A Tale of A Tub (Rotterdam, Netherlands), The Weekend Room (Seoul, South Korea), De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Musee and Galerie Botanique (Brussels), Neue Galerie (Ausberg, Germany), Warte für Kunst (Kassel, Germany), 019 (Ghent), Art On Paper (Bozar, Brussels), Tique art space (Antwerp), De Warande (Turnhout) and Fotomuseum (Antwerp).

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