Bieke Buckinx

Bieke Buckinx, credits @Lies Engelen, 2019
“NO CARBS”, 150x200, oil on canvas, November 2018
“SRIRACHART”, 60x80, oil on canvas, May 2020

Brussels based full-time painter (°1988), loving banal and daily life subjects.With an educational background in Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts in Anderlecht, Bieke creates contemporary and figurative painting that are mainly focusing on daily life subjects, finding beauty in the banal. As an artist, she is always looking to reinvent her own narrative by experimenting with different researches at the same time. Analysing the progress of her techniques in a playful way is very important and allowes her to find a balance between global backgrounds and detail fragments.

Her work bring about a certain irony or humor, aiming to emphasize the less serious side of life. And that is precisely what Bieke wants to surround her audience with: “The good life”; an image that can arouse emotions, recognition, and above all lightheartedness.

In a similar spirit, she likes to build on a clear commitment towards her buyers. It is her constant desire to - through her artwork - truly connect with a broad spectrum of art lovers, fellow artists and curators alike. A secret obsession for structure might just be the unique charm of this non-cliché chaotic artist.

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