Batsheva Ross

The placement of the Thigh 2020. Oil on canvas 70X100 cm. Documentation: Silvia Cappellari | This painting is part of a series of charcoal drawings and oil paintings titled Fitness Studies that are based on online photographs of exercise classes such as yoga, Pilates, Zumba or weightlifting.
Mabel Longhetti Installation 2019. Documentation: Andri Haflidason | A structure of nylon threads hanging from a wooden plank, mounted to the ceiling and suspending clear plastic sheets at various heights. A piece of golden fabric fringe entangled between the threads. In the middle is a slightly broken clear Plexiglas display pole with scotch tape holding the broken edges.
Lighthouse Lectern – 2014 .Charcoal pencil on paper 40 X 30 cm | The drawing is part of a series of charcoal drawings titled Lecterns, based on found images of lecterns from the Internet.

I was born in 1977 in Jerusalem and am currently based in Brussels.

In my practice I adopts a contemplative approach to daily life and uses multiple media including sculpture, video, painting, drawing and writing. Drawn from my personal religious upbringing I explore in my works existential issues, touching upon epistemology, ethics and mysticism. These subject matters comprises reflections on the question of authority, examining contemporary formulations of spiritual redemption, and the complexity of care within a capitalist social structure.

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