David Bernstein



Sennelier Ink on paper

22.5 x 31 cm

This plant is called Wandering Jew. The name refers to an antisemetic canard that began to spread in the Middle Ages about a mythical character who insults Jesus on his way to be crucified. He becomes cursed to wander the earth for the rest of time until Jesus returns. The myth symbolized the idea of Jews not being at home, but punished to wander from place to place never being fully accepted. You could say it's a condition of diaspora, which many progressive Jews use as an identity in contrast to Zionism, which claims an original homeland. In contrast, Diasporic identity says, "I'm at home wherever I am". I would like to reclaim this plant as a symbol of Jewish resilience, because the plant is hard to kill, it's a survivor, If you cut it and put it in water it grows new roots quickly. Floating among the plants are yellow objects called "Judenhuts". These are hats that Jews were required to wear during the Middle Ages in Western European as a way to mark them in public so they would not mix with Chrisitians and have sex with them. I like how they look like UFOs and I want to imagine that they are actually a Judeo-futurist technology for communicating spiritual resilience.

360,00 €

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