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Cotton - Silkscreen


A few days before the 2020 NYE celebration, someone forced open the doors of Level Five and broke-in. The sound system, a moneybox and a blanket left in the common area of the floor disappeared. Over the floor tags, words and weird drawings had been scribbled on the walls, several of which merely said “SADEK.” After conducting a search of the building, someone was found hidden in a corner on the top floor, sleeping on a makeshift bed partly made up of elements taken from Level Five.

SXL5 is a fictional featured fashion brand based on a true story, offering a collection of limited edition clothing and accessories. For the design of this item, we simply scanned and used the “SADEK” drawings that he had left on the walls in a patchwork composition. This gives an abstract visual diary of his journey through the building for the several days he had lived among us, unbeknownst to us. The sale of the SXL5 items is not for profit, the income will be split in three parts: once we receive our refund from the cost of the production, 50% will go to SALON SALE/LEVEL 5 and the other 50% will be donated to “Les Petits Riens,” an organization involved with addressing the issue of homelessness in Belgium.

You can also find the SXL5 items at D-E-A-L.eu/SXL5

20,00 €

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