Abby Banks

the sun & the shadow of my hand


Enlarged Polaroid print on archival photo paper, archival ink. Matte finish.


edition: 1 of 15

This is a print of a Polaroid double exposure shot on discontinued Fuji film FP-100c. This is from my multi dimensional multi year project ‘Mt Baldy Artistic Research and Recreation, non-scientific explorations of the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California’. My connection to these mountains; I grew up in the small town at the base of Mt Baldy and visited many times though out my life. Important to note Mt Baldy is also known as ‘Joat’ by the Tovangar First Nation people of the area. Massive Wild fires have been raging across the American west the last few years, due to climate change. This year fire has not quite reached this particular special section of the San Gabriel mt range, nor has sparked here, but it has been coming close. Near the top of the mountain the camera lens is looking directly into the intense sun. Simultaneously the lens is turned away from the sun to capture the shadow of my hand over a large rock found off mt Baldy road. Meanwhile California native live oak tree leaves and coyote brush playfully silhouette. This is homage to a long time spiritual connection to this particular place on earth.

85,00 €

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